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ready to gain clarity and tap into your creativity?

Let's be clear. You can make money doing what you love.
business and life can be aligned. You just need a road map.

you've got some dreams.
you work hard.
you have innovative ideas.
you have what it takes.
you're in the right spot.

You have amazing ideas and you're ready to get into action. Creativity? You've got it. But you sometimes wonder if your pattern of working hard is not getting somewhere that really fulfills.

Girlfriend, I get it. You're busy and let's face it, transitions can be overwhelming. 

Pause and take a second to imagine yourself...

  • Moving out of ideas and into inspired action.

  • Not wasting time figuring out what the next step is.

  • Creating and sticking to an action plan that’s going to help you stay focused on the next step.

  • Becoming more efficient with your time.

  • Watching your hard work pay off (yes, we mean $!). 


Do you have some uncertainties about what you want to create or which direction to choose? Are you ready to get to work and want to get clear on your dreams? This effective 120-minute strategy session will leave you with a new sense of clarity and action steps to move forward.


Are you ready to move an idea to project completion? Is it time to get rid of what’s been in the way and focus on what really matters to you? The Essential Six provides you with skilled techniques, direction, accountability, and guidance to stay on task, leaving you with a tangible project, daily practices and insights to implement.


Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get down to business in a structured period of time? The Quarterly Immersion is goal-oriented and results-driven to cause clarification and new outcomes for your business, team structures, systems, and/or a major deep dive into creating something that you’re ready to make happen in three months.


Do you love the VIP treatment? Consider the 3-Day Intensive if you want full, organized days to immerse and move intentionally into the work you want to accomplish. And it happens in the most inspiring setting — the beach! Add-ins available to make this creative work trip something you’ll never forget while building your business or project with my undivided attention!


Looking for a network of women to learn with, grow with, and create with? Join Big Fish Co.’s premier virtual program offered twice annually. Contribute and be inspired by women just like you. Experience group coaching that offers skills and building tools to upgrade any project or business idea you have while having fun and creating lasting friendships with women all over the globe.

I plugged right in (to the coaching) because I trusted, (and still trust), Mary Lyn. I was guided to a place where I could really consider what I can do. 


When I met Mary Lyn, I had recently retired and was lost. I am addicted to work and while leaving my jobs was shocking, I never saw what was coming. I was standing in my house at 2 PM one day, having completed all of the meaningless tasks I had carefully written on my index card. It finally hit me why old folks drink throughout the afternoons … I was just free falling. As an alcoholic, I was moved to do something. The universe guided me to  Mary Lyn. It wasn’t as simple as, “ she saved my life.” But her presence was so open and inviting. I plugged right in (to the coaching) because I trusted, (and still trust), Mary Lyn. I was guided to a place where I could really consider what I can do. 

Charlotte M. | Jacksonville, FL



Facilitator Academy

Ready to speak with confidence and make a difference? Learn about Facilitator Academy and take your facilitation and speaking from good to great.


Need a motivational upgrade for your audience? Get some inspiration, lightheartedness and straight talk from Mary Lyn. Click to inquire.

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