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coaching for the creative woman

ready to shift your struggle into your superpower AND CREATE A BUSINESS THAT MATTERS?

Transition is the treasure of life

Transitions can be tough. But what if I told you there are phenomenal results waiting for you through a blend of practical frameworks and applied action? The ultimate goal? To make money doing exactly what you love AND love the process that gets you there.

What does Big Fish Co. excel in? Showing you how-to get the biz designed in un-intimidating steps that organize your ideas to drive revenue. I teach frameworks that pull you into clarity. Copy and content development, business refinement, product creation, driving revenue, systems and structures, and realistic action steps to build something that you want. Our mission is to empower women to translate their passionate ideas into thriving business. 


Let’s make things simple


As complex, amazing, capable women, we are masters at multitasking. And sometimes we keep things unnecessarily complicated. We’re wired for high performance. And we’re better when we focus on one thing at a time. Let's do the work to simplify. It's where you'll shine and thrive. Then, we'll add on only what's needed. You have already experienced success, but prioritizing where to spend your time to get the best bang for your buck is missing. This is where I can help. Gain new skills to create an intentional, passionate life doing what matters most to you.

Working with Mary Lyn taught me to know when I stray from disciplined action and how my language is affected and then my ability to create.


I was struggling with what could be next for me in my career and had dreamed of creating content but didn’t have the tools or the discipline to bring the dream into life on my own. Working with Mary Lyn taught me to know when I stray from disciplined action and how my language is affected and then my ability to create. Mary Lyn’s talent and guidance took me through this amazing content-discovery process.

Nella J. | Wilmington, NC

what are you ready to create?

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Mighty Women

Join the premier program of Big Fish Co. bringing women together for upleveled group coaching and networking. 

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one to one

Discover how we can work together and create the project or business you’ve been dreaming of. Results-driven.

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speaking engagements

Get straight talk with a light heart and a motivational punch. Words from the heart to amplify your creative gifts and empower living fully.


hey there,
I'm mary lyn!

I'm happy to meet you! I started Big Fish Co, a creative business coaching & consulting company that excels in teaching applicable principals to create a foundation for sustainable business with the lifestyle you want. That's a mouth full! In a nutshell, I direct solutions that drive revenue. I give you 100% support in learning how to build successful business and an integrated life. I'm also here to ensure your investment with me is the best thing you ever did.  Instead of dreaming about all your ideas, I teach you how to make one decision at a time, love the journey, take clear action steps and experience fulfillment. If you're ready, I can show you how to turn your gift into your expertise and transform your hobby into a fulfilling, revenue-generating biz. 


You are great. I know it.

So let's get that fog lifted and establish a clear playing field that provides inspired action for you to fulfill on your dreams. Help is right here.

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