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I put chocolate protein powder and almond milk in my coffee so it tastes like a warm brownie. Yes, I have a sweet tooth that I can’t shake. I dream in creamy shades of white, porch swings and mountain air and all I want in life is to help women grow their passion into profit, dreams into done and to love life every step of the way.  


What happens after 50? You look back and realize every step had a purpose. What else happens? You look forward and see that all the parts and pieces will support you in whatever you want to create if you just keep growing. Honestly, it's available at every age. I just needed every laugh line I've earned so I can give you all I've got! Every phase of life matters so why not make this one the absolute best? Go ahead and own every step and celebrate it all.  And don’t for a minute think that the best isn’t yet to come! 




I designed sets, worked for interiors magazines, lived on both coasts, opened and closed wellness businesses, operated teams, wrote a book, started a podcast and have all the bruises and scars to prove that even my biggest challenges were for good. I'll be your most loving push! Because I know you can do it, too! My favorite thing in the world is to see you take your creativity to the next step towards a dream project, growing your business, or clarifying something that has been an idea for way too long —

I want you to get the return on your investment and get all the help you need so your life can become the celebration you deserve. It will be work. And you can do it with my help.


You feel a transition in the air and you know you're capable of taking the upgrade — you just need a little help. YOU CAN stop wasting time trying to figure out what to do and Instead, spend that time actually doing the thing that BRINGs FULFILLMENT. ready to drop into creating what you've been dreaming of?

What are you ready for? You know all your parts and pieces are right on the cusp of coming together but you’re just not sure what to do next. It feels hard to communicate it, describe it, but you know you’ve got all the passion to make it happen. You weren’t designed to be used partially. You are here so ALL of you can be used. And that, girlfriend, is the space I want to help you discover.

Diligent, daily work isn’t hard. It’s intentional. It creates a life of creative,  inspired action. What have you outgrown? It's transitions that bridge us to the upgrade waiting for us! Let’s get to work creating that! I help you speak what you want and take action to create it. The vision, the goals, the project, the book, the workshop, the event. And might I add — we have an incredibly fun time along the way. 


 Beautiful scenes inspire all the senses; and the greatest beauty is what we shine out.


Changing forms, using our hands and stirring imagination.


Simple is key; it’s present and magnificent.


We have all the time we need. Use it with clarity.

This was me…..

I was a Southern girl who became an interior designer, moved to the West Coast to work with teams as a set designer, returned to the Florida coast and taught yoga for 20 years. I owned yoga studios for eleven years, taught the NFL and was a cover model for Yoga Journal Magazine.

This was me…..

I trained hundreds of individuals to find their voice and lead in the classroom, the boardroom and in every room as teachers, entrepreneurs, and stand in creating what they want. I wrote content for world class personal development trainings and workshops. I wrote a best selling book, The Transformative Power of Language, became a Certified Leadership Coach, and started a podcast One Creative Act.  

The best part of the story…..

I'm a momma, wife, coach, speaker, podcast host and writer. I love coaching women to live into their fullest capacity — to get clear in their message and create boldly what they want and ultimately have a product that delivers a valuable return.  I work with multi-passionate women, entrepreneurs, creatives and leaders who want an integrated life, big results and fulfillment.

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