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I’m Mary Lyn Jenkins, and I’m constantly creating. I’m a momma, a wife, a business woman, a catalyst for wellness through my company Big Fish Co., a yoga teacher, a bestselling author and a designer. I’m all these things and I’m still finding out who I am by doing creative things I’ve never tried before. This podcast is me trying something brand new. It’s me saying yes to one creative act.

The One Creative Act podcast is a mix of solo episodes and heartfelt conversations with purposeful dreamers, innovators and community heroes who turned simple creative actions into their greatest adventures and biggest contributions to the world.

I started this so you could see yourself as a creator, too, and someone designed to live fully and creatively. I started this so more people would feel motivated to begin, whatever that means to you. Beginnings are miracles and when it’s a creative beginning, it’s equally a fun adventure. My hope is that you’ll walk away from every episode motivated to try something new, something you haven’t tried in years or something you haven’t done since you were a little kid. I hope you’ll discover or rediscover your own sense of creativity.

New episodes drop every Thursday wherever you listen to your podcasts.

creating home

season three
Home is where the heart is — it’s the people in our lives who make us feel at home; and it’s the people we bring into our structural spaces that create the experience of Home.
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