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frequently asked questions

Are you a life coach? 

I’m so glad you asked. Not really. Although we will most definitely work in real life and you’re likely to experience major shifts in your life because of our work together, I am a Certified Business Coach who supports you to fulfill on a project or business idea you’re ready to make happen. I teach you simplified systems, provide you with structures and my business frameworks for moving through every step...from idea to brand-building, language and launch. I want to see you succeed. I support you in creating the lifestyle you want.


What makes you a Coach?

I am a Certified Coach through a global training platform, Lightyear Leadership with additional coaching hours and certifications. Along with training and coaching hours through Landmark Forum, Being A Leader Courses, and the Baptiste Institute, I hold over 5000 hours in leadership and coaching and above all, I love supporting women to embrace the process  to create and recognize fulfillment is available every step of the way. 


Do you offer group coaching or just coach one-to-one?

Yes! I love providing coaching to a specific team or group ready to move forward together. (And they have no idea what will result — but a group coaching session creates unbelievable magic and impact for a team!) 


Do you coach in-person or only virtual? 

My favorite way to coach is inside my VIP 3-Day in-person intensive. I see amazing results through this. And a majority of my clients meet with me via Zoom. What makes our sessions amazing is that no matter where you are, we meet "in-person." You can be comfortable in your own home and meet with me from anywhere! All I ask is that you are comfortable, in a quiet space, and with good internet connection. You’ll be blown away at the depth of work that happens through the wires and how much growth occurs in an intentional, hourlong Zoom session!


What do people create with you? 

Building business. Most passionate women have a lot of what they need to create a business. They just don't know how. I guide my clients to write their first book; organize their story for speaking an impactful brand message. I coach women on how to create personalized content for leading workshops and developing products to drive revenue. I coach women how to build a business, create a mission statement, lead their team meetings, and be the boss. I coach women how to transition from one career to their next phase and career upgrade. I guide women to create personal fitness companies, private practices, and present professional slide presentations! I coach women to create and launch podcasts. Organization, business-building and yearly planning, brand development and messaging, and so much more. I love everything business; and I show you how-to.


What is your background? 

I have a background in building business, interior design, yoga, speaking, writing, brand and content creation, teaching and facilitation, parenting and marriage. I studied Art and Journalism in college, worked for interior magazines, traveled the globe for set design, and worked with creative teams. I found yoga and started a 20-year journey of leadership development and movement and language study. Because of my professional coach certification and varied studies and entrepreneurial journey, I have come to understand that women are creators. We can make anything happen and pivot anytime we want into our greatest adventure, biggest learning, and build an awesome stream of revenue because of our creation — most often, women just need a voice who’s been there before directing, supporting, and cheering them along the way.  

How do I get Mary Lyn to speak at my event? 

I’m so glad you asked! If you want me to speak on my love for personal responsibility, building great teams or my book, The Transformative Power of Language, just reach out via email: with the subject line titled: Speaking Engagement Info. Share with me a little bit about your event and your expectations and why you would want me to support you. We will schedule a zoom or phone call to discuss details! 


How do I hire Mary Lyn to lead a “Lunch & Learn” for my team? 

I love being with teams of great organizations and businesses for a 2-hour jolt of good lunch, group work, connection, upgrading and inspiration. Send an email to with the subject line titled: Lunch and Learn Info. Share with me a little bit about your team and what’s needed that I can provide, your expectations and why you would want me to support you. I will reply with a one-sheeter that outlines how I work. We will schedule a zoom or phone call to discuss details!

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