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learn how to amplify your newsletter writing with my simple, effective frameworks

Writer’s block?

Missing the secret to writing simple, effective copy?

Still holding out for the magic pill for great emails to share your product or services?

Or, maybe you’re just ready to take your writing a step further to become more organized, meaningful, and with greater intention.

This free 90 minute workshop is for creative business women ready to write less with greater intent and impact their growing audience through what they have to offer…in written word.


Writing is big in my life. I studied Journalism. My husband writes. My Dad writes. My momma writes. I love it so much I wrote a book. And have another one on the way!


I’m always writing — whether it’s in a journal specifically for my kids, note taking ideas in my phone notepad, or curled up with my laptop. I’m generally dreaming of the next idea to share, how-to, workshop or script to add goodness to life. And it all comes to life through writing about it.

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join us VIRTUALly, LIVE with mary lyn

JUNE 19, 2024 | 12pm EST | 90 minutes

After working with ML, I have confidence and clarity and am able to work each day on specific goals to grow my business.


"No words! The load has been lifted. I think I was already burning out and I hadn't really started! When I started with Mary Lyn, everything changed. I have clear direction moving forward and SEE the HUGE advantage of having a coach support me in establishing the business, the language, and my message that I want to have! I am clear and excited to execute and know exactly how I'm going to drive revenue to keep going!"  



Writing Basics Registration

Words connect us.

But what if you’re not sure how to connect words?

I want you to leave this free Writing Basics Workshop inspired to write more effectively.


We’ll cover the basics to launch you into successful writing including:

  • The Framework I use to get started. So you can always start.

  • Five pillars for every email or newsletter you send.

  • The Golden Rule every newsletter should answer.

Ready to write, really?

Open to 10 lucky ladies who attend Writing Basics….Wanna get your book started for just $149?


Join my 75 minute group coaching session and let’s start your book dreams! This includes ALL my writing frameworks and specific coaching techniques to get your words organized and on paper to become an author. Offered to the first 10 participants to register who show up live for the workshop!


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