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business coaching for THE  creative WOMAN

ready to shift your struggle into your superpower AND CREATE A BUSINESS THAT MATTERS?

transition is the treasure of life.

let's make it simple.

Transitions can be tough. But what if I told you there are phenomenal results waiting for you through a blend of practical frameworks and applied action? The ultimate goal? To make money doing exactly what you love AND love the process that gets you there.​

Intimidated by how to start? Don't know how to design products that will make money? Better yet, unsure how to get your products or service in front of the right audience? Don't have the words to create your message? Big Fish Co. excels in showing you how-to. Get the biz designed in un-intimidating steps that organize your ideas. Learn frameworks that pull you into clarity. Copy + content development, refinement, product creation, systems and structures, and realistic action steps to build something that you want. Our mission is to empower women to translate their passionate ideas into thriving business.

speaking engagements

Need an experienced voice to inspire your team or workforce? Looking for an interactive business-upgrade and impactful workshop that leaves your team with new conversations and big results?


Virtual + live and on site available for group coaching + workshops. Elevated, inspirational, no-nonsense speaking. 

3-day beach intensive

Too many distractions? Too much information complicating your biz journey?


Develop and implement a complete business plan with expert, personalized guidance in the convenience and beauty of a private beach cottage with every detail organized for you. Build, have fun, and become a successful business owner by starting here.

customized offerings

You constantly worry about what you don’t know. This is perfect for someone looking to implement specific and desired know-how.


You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get advice while learning a specific and tangible skill for your small business. Check the menu for how we can help.



After working with ML, I have confidence and clarity and am able to work each day on specific goals to grow my business.


Mary Lyn is a creative herself, and a business woman. She understands the struggles creatives go through, and knows how to get us out of them. Prior to working with ML, I was missing clear direction and understanding of how to start a business. After working with ML, I have confidence and clarity and am able to work each day on specific goals to grow my business.

Cason T. 

hey there! I'm mary lyn.  Momma, author, and business coach

I'm happy to meet you! I started Big Fish Co, a creative business coaching & consulting company that excels in teaching applicable principals and structures to create a foundation for sustainable business with the life you want. In a nutshell, I direct solutions that drive revenue. I give you 100% support in learning how to build successful business and an integrated life. I teach you how. And how-to. I'm also here to ensure your investment with me is the best thing you ever did.  Instead of dreaming about all your ideas, I teach you how to make one decision at a time and love the journey. I provide you with clear action steps to experience fulfillment. If you're ready, I can show you how to turn what you want to do into your expertise or transform your hobby into a fulfilling, revenue-generating biz. 


You are great. I know it.

So let's lift the fog and establish clear steps that provide inspired action for you to fulfill on your dreams. Help is right here.

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stay on track 4-pack

get on the right track

Do you have some uncertainties about what you want to create or which direction to choose? Get four (1) hour coaching calls to gain clarity on strategy, map out your idea, and drive your steps with certainty and to inject revenue. Using a set of frameworks that will get you from an idea to reality and guidance to clear, actionable steps, these sessions are results-oriented.


To be completed within (2) two months time.

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