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"Speak with intention and experience your whole life differently."

-mary lyn jenkins
Big Fish Co. and Lit From Within
Want to Begin your journey to speak With impact and make a difference in the lives of your audience ?


I'm passionate to lead others in creating success and fulfillment through becoming an impactful facilitator. It's my favorite thing ever.


Big Fish Co. is in proud partnership with Lit From Within Yoga, offering upper level facilitator trainings, Facilitator Academy; and offering training packages to wellness professionals ready to facilitate a training inside their business. With more than 20 years of teaching and continued education in nutrition, yoga, personal training and leadership development, you're supported every step of the way. And then you can't imagine how far you've come. 


As an E-RYT 500, Mary Lyn offered personalized movement and yoga for private clients for more than 20 years. She has worked with the NFL developing recovery programs with yoga as the focus for six years and was the cover model of Yoga Journal magazine in August of 2016. 

Why wellness? Why yoga? 

One of the great platforms for finding our voice in speaking and leading is the classroom. Combined with two partners, Karen Torrone and Luca Richards, the trio delivers the best in content and teaches how to create content, speak it, embody it, market it and stand in your brand message as a wellness facilitator. 

what can i expect?

Expect a training that exceeds every expectation. You will gain your RYT-500 through the Facilitator Academy while also learning structures for content creation and successful delivery to your audience. 

Read below for all the details and stay connected to us for upcoming trainings or to be in partnership with us to bring our training to your business. 

"The training exceeded all of my expectations. I experienced a very practical training that made me a great teacher and speaker — no matter what you teach. Highly recommended."  —Bill  Abel, training graduate 


Are you looking to achieve your next level in leading, facilitating and speaking? 

Want to learn and experience your greatest upgrade in language and causE impact through Your delivery? Are you an RYT-200 looking to lead, create solid business from your passion for teaching, and want much more than a yoga training?
learn how to design WOrldClass Content. Work independently and in groups to demonstrate your advancement of skills and competencies in leading. develop a high level of proficiency in teaching and leading others with practical experience in leading conversations with real time coaching and response. 
Her practical expertise and leadership skills provided the Jacksonville Jaguars players an additional avenue for injury prevention.


I have had the pleasure of knowing Mary Lyn for 12 years; both personally and professionally. Mary Lyn is an outspoken advocate for health and wellness. Her practical expertise and leadership skills provided the Jacksonville Jaguars players an additional avenue for injury prevention. Her dedication and humility help build strong trusting relationships with all those she encounters.

 - Justin Bland | Former NFL Assistant Athletic Trainer, Jacksonville Jaguars

lit from within: 300 hour
yoga teacher training
Are you ready to learn what it takes to be a catalyst for other’s growth and development in the classroom and out in the world?


If you are an RYT-200, Lit From Within Yoga is the training to move you from good to great.


Founded by partners, Mary Lyn Jenkins, Karen Torrone and Luca Richards, Lit From Within has a combined 60+ years of experience in developing teachers into leaders. As  a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance, our training is designed as an upper level training with flexibility for the student/teacher wishing to become an RYT-500. Online with live meetings that are recorded for easy playback and for any missed sessions, it is the platform for refinement, embodiment of teaching and facilitating, workshop and content creation and to gain professionalism and confidence to excel as a speaker, teacher, leader, and facilitator. 

Key Learning Objectives

Practical Application of Research Informed Anatomy & Physiology

Learn simple and effective ways to speak to the body and move your students. Have a new level of confidence and clarity in your communication to provide useful anatomical directions and learn how to scale the poses and practice to support students of all levels.  

Tools, Tips & Best Practices for Teaching in the Classroom and Online

Create connection and engagement with your students in any environment including teaching online.  Learn how to set the stage for an effective online presentation and what it takes to teach with mastery in person and the digital landscape. 

Personal Marketing & Branding

Learn how to authentically stand out as your brand and create effective marketing campaigns to engage your students, potential new customers, and set yourself apart. 

Create the Next Generation of Leaders in Your Community

Become a powerful catalyst and guide for individuals and teams. Develop yourself as an expert and a resource for others to discover what matters to them most. Free yourself up and pass the torch by teaching your skills and knowledge to others as an effective leader.  Learn strategies to give feedback and coach others to create success and workability. 

Intentionality: Introduce Elements that Keep Your Students Coming Back

Explore new ways of setting the tone for a class. Teach with intentional additions such as music, meditation, and inquiry to create exciting and visceral classroom experiences. 

2023 training dates
session one

Weekend 1: March 18 + 19

Weekend 2: April 1 + 2

Weekend 3: April 29 + 30

session two

Weekend 4: May 20 + 21

Weekend 5: June 10 + 11

Weekend 6: July 15 + 16

Weekend 7: August 12 + 13

Weekend 8: September 9 + 10

session three

Weekend 9: September 23 + 24

Weekend 10: October 21 + 22

Weekend 11: November 11 + 12

Weekend 12: December 2 + 3

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