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Maybe you’re not a holiday fan. And maybe you’ve got an all-around bad flavor for the holiday season.


Do the holidays bring on sadness? Have you disheartened? Or is your family dynamic something you dread?


When you think about sitting around the table with those you have way too much history with, do you cringe and decide that ordering DoorDash and staying home alone sounds like the better choice? 


I hear ya. I’ve had my fair share of tough turkey dinners. And I still have to work on making the holidays, and really every family gathering, what I want it to be instead of pulling from the past and stewing in the problems. 


That’s why I wrote The Transformative Power Of Language. It became a best-seller on Amazon and is an easy read with practical application that delivers results. Well, just for fun, I’d like us to play a new game this holidays season. As Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s approach, anxiety can be a common default.


What if restoration was possible? What if there was an opportunity for a new conversation with all those people that are so hard to be with?


What if this game could bring about a different relationship with all the same people and give YOU an unimaginable Christmas miracle? 


the transformative power of language

In this 4-part book study, you’ll go from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed in family holiday dynamics to feeling light, bright and committed to bring the joy to every interaction. You’ll walk away with a new relationship to every word you speak and have the insight to make the memories you want. 
Join me and let’s walk through my book, The Transformative Power Of Language. There’s no better time to listen to the words we say, understand where they’re coming from, and stand in choice to create what we really want. It all begins with our words. 
This 4-part book study includes: 
  • Four (4) 75 minute discussion sessions that meet via zoom: You’ll get five hours of uninterrupted time to learn, discuss and apply new tools that will get you listening and speaking differently. Calls are scheduled weekly to support consistent learning.

  • Material Review: We take the time to review and listen for the real-time application of the new game. Throughout our time together, we will continue to review, practice, learn, support and gain clear direction on how to step into the same settings newly. 

  • Proven Resources + Tools: Through clarifying, coaching, discussion, practical application and optional self study, tools will be taught to support you and offer a lasting learning experience. 

  • In-between support: Should you need direction and answers to questions, in-between support is provided via email as needed. 

  • Inspired Actions Document: This detailed session document captures each session, weekly optional self study questions, and book review and provides you with clear action steps to move forward in between our time together. 


  • Welcome email and zoom link provided one week prior to Night One.

  • We begin and end on time. Please arrive into the Wait Room up to 3 minutes prior to start time. 

  • Books can be purchased through Amazon for less than $20. 

  • Investment $129 

  • Email for questions

dates and times:
  • Tuesday, October 25, 7:00-8:15pm EST

  • Tuesday, November 1, 7:00-8:15pm EST

  • Tuesday, November 8, 7:00-8:15pm EST

  • Tuesday, November 15, 7:00-8:15pm EST

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