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"Move the body more than you move your mouth. You’ll start living from a deeper place."

-mary lyn jenkins
Want to start moving but in a personalized way, specific to what your body needs?


Big Fish Co. offers yoga and movement designed just for you with more than 20 years of teaching and continued education in nutrition, personal training and yoga as the foundation.


As an E-RYT 500, Mary Lyn offers personalized movement and yoga for private clients. She has worked with the NFL developing recovery programs with yoga as the focus for six years and was the cover model of Yoga Journal magazine in August of 2016. 


To book private classes, first consider what you want and need. Although you may not know exactly what you want, you do know it’s time to move. The beauty and benefit of working privately is zero time wasted and customized, personalized work designed just for you. Hips, back, shoulders, core — movement is medicine for the body and spirit. With a blend of yoga and strength training using your own body’s resistance, your only real needs are a room in your home and a willingness to learn. 


Should you need a mat, one will be provided for you. All props for strength work and yoga practice are introduced. Over time, it is encouraged that you invest in simple things (mat, strap, block, band) so the work you learn through private sessions can be done even on days we aren’t meeting. 

what can i expect?

I ask private clients to allow 60-75 minutes of quiet time without distractions for our initial three sessions and with no phone interruptions. While we work physically, we also work mentally. A good coach loves and challenges you! And this is why you’ll experience results. After three sessions, the ideal session is an intentional 45-50 minutes. If you’re ready to work in ways designed specifically for you, gain clarity and understanding of necessary daily movement  and build a strong, lean body this is the place to start!

private yoga & trainings

Are you looking for one-to-one support to achieve your next level of health and fitness?

Want to learn and experience yoga and movement in the comfort of your own home? Imagine this: waking up to a personalized practice, not wasting time, and gaining body confidence and strength in ways you never thought possible. You need a mentor to provide you with specific movement designed to your needs — movement is medicine and I’ve been prescribing it for over 20 years!
I will guide you with support and love as you make changes to elevate your health, clarify your vision and gain overall strength!
Her practical expertise and leadership skills provided the Jacksonville Jaguars players an additional avenue for injury prevention.


I have had the pleasure of knowing Mary Lyn for 12 years; both personally and professionally. Mary Lyn is an outspoken advocate for health and wellness. Her practical expertise and leadership skills provided the Jacksonville Jaguars players an additional avenue for injury prevention. Her dedication and humility help build strong trusting relationships with all those she encounters.

 - Justin Bland | Former NFL Assistant Athletic Trainer, Jacksonville Jaguars

lit from within: 300 hour
yoga teacher training
Are you ready to learn what it takes to be a catalyst for other’s growth and development in the classroom and out in the world?


If you are an RYT-200, Lit From Within Yoga is the training to move you from good to great.


Founded by partners, Mary Lyn Jenkins, Karen Torrone and Luca Richards, Lit From Within has a combined 60+ years of experience in developing teachers into leaders. As  a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance, our training is designed as an upper level training with flexibility for the student/teacher wishing to become an RYT-500. Online with live meetings that are recorded for easy playback and for any missed sessions, it is the platform for refinement, embodiment of teaching and facilitating, workshop and content creation and to gain professionalism and confidence to excel as a speaker, teacher, leader, and facilitator. 

Key Learning Objectives

Practical Application of Research Informed Anatomy & Physiology

Learn simple and effective ways to speak to the body and move your students. Have a new level of confidence and clarity in your communication to provide useful anatomical directions and learn how to scale the poses and practice to support students of all levels.  

Tools, Tips & Best Practices for Teaching in the Classroom and Online

Create connection and engagement with your students in any environment including teaching online.  Learn how to set the stage for an effective online presentation and what it takes to teach with mastery in person and the digital landscape. 

Personal Marketing & Branding

Learn how to authentically stand out as your brand and create effective marketing campaigns to engage your students, potential new customers, and set yourself apart. 

Create the Next Generation of Leaders in Your Community

Become a powerful catalyst and guide for individuals and teams. Develop yourself as an expert and a resource for others to discover what matters to them most. Free yourself up and pass the torch by teaching your skills and knowledge to others as an effective leader.  Learn strategies to give feedback and coach others to create success and workability. 

Intentionality: Introduce Elements that Keep Your Students Coming Back

Explore new ways of setting the tone for a class. Teach with intentional additions such as music, meditation, and inquiry to create exciting and visceral classroom experiences. 

2023 training dates
session one

Weekend 1: March 18 + 19

Weekend 2: April 1 + 2

Weekend 3: April 29 + 30

session two

Weekend 4: May 20 + 21

Weekend 5: June 10 + 11

Weekend 6: July 15 + 16

Weekend 7: August 12 + 13

Weekend 8: September 9 + 10

session three

Weekend 9: September 23 + 24

Weekend 10: October 21 + 22

Weekend 11: November 11 + 12

Weekend 12: December 2 + 3

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