does this sound familiar?

You are working hard, but somehow there's always more to do and the 'plan' isn't going as planned? You're feeling a transition, but change is scary. You need the reminder that sometimes you have to slow down in order to speed ahead. 

You have the big picture idea but just not sure how to pull it together? You're ready to move from distraction to direction and transition to your next version. You know you've got what it takes.

You wish you had a solid action plan to follow so you could stop wasting time trying to figure out what to do and spend that time actually doing the thing that will get you there!



See yourself move out of fog and into clear space; recognize how all the amazing parts that have been part of your life work together! Not wasting time figuring out what the next step is but experiencing your action plan that helps you stay focused. You are moving efficiently with your time. (that’s something to get excited about!)


You're in the right place.

mighty women

The premier program offered through Big Fish Co. is designed for capable, successful women just like you. You have already succeeded in your life. And you still have big ideas! You just need a little help in how to take action on your project, dream, or goal.

Let’s start creating!
[mary lyn] is genuinely attuned to each of her students, guiding them to their own conclusions and self discoveries.


Studying with Mary Lyn is always an amazing experience.  She is genuinely attuned to each of her students, guiding them to their own conclusions and self discoveries. I was in a place where I was questioning my decisions, my conversations, my future. I knew I needed coaching for myself and for those I serve. One of the biggest shifts I experienced with her guidance had to do with my point of view.  Specifically, what I create for myself that I carry every day — and it was preventing me from experiencing growth and something new for myself. 

At the close of our time together, I felt a great sense of confidence in who I am as a person, what I stand for, and a sense of pride for the gifts I have to offer.

Kim R. | Jacksonville, FL

You've had a lot on your plate (almost for as long as you can remember) and you're a woman who likes it that way. But there's some stuff that you've outgrown, and you just need a little encouragement and help to get over the hurdle and step into this NEXT level of your life.


As women, mommas, females, entrepreneurs, creators, dreamers, visionaries — we are the space holders. Did you know that? You have the capacity to CREATE the space. What it looks like is the easy part. (white paint makes almost everything look good!) What I'm talking about is how it feels when you enter the room. What is it time to move to the background? What is it time to move forward? You are so strong. And you have the capacity to expand — not by doing more. But by cleaning house and knowing how to let go, let God, shift your language, and claim your creativity and bring into reality what you want while also holding your vision and enjoying the ride.


What if I told you I've got the program for you?


What if you could invest in four easy nights — just 80 minutes each, share yourself, your dreams, meet new people, have a professional coach, and get some results that offer clarity on a project, dream, your business or an idea you’ve had and just been afraid to take the steps?  Along the way, you’ll CONNECT with women who are strong and capable just like you and our common thread is that we need each other to get our creativity stirring, our ideas into action, and our dreams into real-time!

Creativity requires courage and this is the place to get  your healthy dose. Mighty Women is a 4-part virtual workshop to set you up for vision with action. 


Our time is spent:
  • Determining what stays in the way of our inspired actions.

  • Claiming the call to adventure and understanding how to keep answering it.

  • Proclaiming and generating the thing that's got to happen and building the project.

  • Leaving with inspired action steps, a clear game plan and a network of might women to support your success.


What you will get:
  • Language, vision, & personalized coaching to give you the clarity you need to move forward.

  • Inspired Action Support & Steps so you are motivated and don't waste time on what to do next.

  • Live Virtual Group Sessions so that you can connect and share with women from all over the country.

  • Refreshment & renewed sense of freedom and creativity to give you a clean slate mentally and spiritually.

  • A Mighty Women Network providing you with friendships and support for a lifetime.

dates and times:

2023 Dates Coming Soon!